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What is Jr. S.A.Q. ?

Jr S.A.Q. is designed for athletes that are 8 -12 years old. This training is an introduction to the body movements that are required to be a successful athlete. Running mechanics, healthy eating, core strength, flexibility, and teamwork are essential for the solid foundation we want to develop in all our young athletes.

What is Sr. S.A.Q. ?

Sr. S.A.Q. training is an intensive program designed for athletes 13-18 years old. In this class, the athlete will move along at a progressive rate according to their ability. Programs are designed as pre-season, or post-season training. If the athlete is in-season, a “maintenance” schedule is implemented. “Over training” is detremental to the athletes long term success and is an area that is monitered closely by Corespeed Gym,

What can I expect in my training sessions?

Each session, regardless of age or ability will start with a dynamic warm up. This consists of a variety of “moving” stretches that target your body’s major muscle groups. After a brief water break the training will begin.

Are the training sessions just glorified conditioning drills?

No! You will work up a sweat though. The training programs are based on progressive, short bursts of expended energy, just like the athletic event you participate in. Recovery time is crucial. Neuromuscular adaptation will not be effective with fatigued muscles.

How soon will I notice a change in my athletic ability?

Due to body type and ability, everyone has a different time table. Generally the athlete will start to notice a change within 3 to 5 weeks. This is based on at least 2 workouts /week. Missing workouts will only delay your progress.

What should I wear?

Shorts, and a t-shirt is fine. No Cleats. No jeans.

Can I eat right before a workout?

Not advised. Give at least 1.5 hours between your last meal and actual workout time. Any less may hinder your performance.

Are you a private gym?

No, we are not a private gym, but you must be accompanied by one of the gym trainers in order to work out in a group or individual session.